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Dual Contact Tool Holders – Genius or Gimmick?

I don’t remember when Dual Contact Toolholders first hit the market, but when I saw them I imagined they’d be a flash-in-the-pan product. At this point it seems like they’re more hit than miss and here to stay. I’m know there are a lot of other engineers that are far smarter than me that have [...]

Marketing for Machine Shops: Part 2 – Brochures

As an owner of a company that buys a lot of machined parts I often receive solicitations in the form of brochures.  I appreciate the time fellow business people take in putting together marketing materials to pursue sales, but correctly pursuing a customer starts well before the stamp hits the envelope.  I received a brochure [...]

Marketing for Machine Shops: Part 1 – Google Maps

Rumor has it I built my company under the guise of being an inventor. If you ask me I’m simply an engineer that filled some needs for better workholding. Either way, my circle of friends has labeled me as the “go-to-guy” when it comes to answering invention questions. For this reason, they seem to continually [...]

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