Pierson Industries Launches Newest Product: The Smart Stop – 5C Collet Stop

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Pierson 5C Collet Stop

Pierson Industries launches the first of several new products expected for 2007. The Smart Stop is a 5C collet stop designed for simplicity and greater ease of use. “It’s a simple product, but with far fewer frustrations than conventional collet stops”, said Jay Pierson, President of Pierson Industries. “No longer will you need 3 hands to adjust a stop. Get ready to throw out that threaded rod as well”.

The collet stop has already seen industry approval. “We’ve already sold a ton of these in our test markets and have had absolutely no problems or complaints. We’ve really ramped up production in order to handle orders from distributors all over the world”, said Pierson.

The Smart Stop can be purchased directly from the manufacturer at their website www.piersonindustries.com. The frustration-saving product retails for $14.99… a bargain of a price considering years of faster setups.

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Pierson Workholding is also a leading supplier of Vacuum Chuck Workholding Equipment.

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