Soft Jaw Design that Makes Sense! Plus, it’s FREE!

Posted by CNC Reporter on May 5th, 2008.

Smart Jaw
The machining industry often follows patterns that just don’t make sense. Traditional vise soft jaws are a great example. Why use a jaw that can only be used once? The 6″ Smart Jaw by Pierson Industries breaks the pattern. Now, you can have a jaw with 4 useable sides per jaw; two on top and two on bottom. Its bolt holes are keyhole shaped so one half turn of the bolts is all it takes to slide the jaw sideways and off. Best of all, the drawing for this great product is FREE! Once you own the drawing, make your own soft jaws and as many as your shop needs. Download the free drawing at the Pierson Workholding Website.

  1. Quick flip design provides 4 useable sides per jaw; 2 on top and 2 on bottom.
  2. Keyhole shaped bolt holes on both sides allow fast jaw changes for maximum productivity. Designed for 6″ vises.
  3. Downloadable drawing format is Adobe .PDF.

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