A Universal Processor that Generates NC Code

Posted by Pete Nofel on Sep 9th, 2010.

NCCS PostWorksNCCS’ latest version of its universal postprocessor, PostWorks, can read and process Mastercam nci files. PostWorks¬† generates NC code for a variety of machines including mills, lathes, and multi-tasking machines. It is compatible with CNC controls, including Heidenhain, Siemens, and Fanuc. Its look-ahead function reduces excessive rotary axis movement and prevents potential machine over-travel. It provides a single postprocessor solution eliminating the need to develop duplicate postprocessors for each CAM system. PostWorks is compatible with all major CAM systems. Add-ons include software that simulates the material removal process and machine movement while performing interference checking between relevant components of the machining environment.¬† Visit www.nccs.com for details.

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