Adapter Allows Use of Collets in a Jaw Chuck

Posted by CNC Reporter on Jun 24th, 2008.

Collet Adapter

Hardinge® HCAC® Collet Adaptation Chucks will adapt any spindle to accept C-series collets, 3J collets, B42/ B65 collets, #22/ #11 B&S collets, style-S master collets and dead-length® collets. It is possible to increase your machining capabilities by substituting a collet chuck for a jaw chuck for part diameters up to 4 inch depending on the spindle size.

Hardinge OD Sure-Grip® Dead-length® Collet Chucks feature a parallel gripping, 4-split collet head for maximum gripping and instant centering. Collet heads are quick change and have a 1mm gripping range to accommodate bar stock or piece part variation. The Hardinge design provides part length control for consistency from part-to-part and includes a non-stick feature for instant, repetitive collet opening. The Hardinge OD Sure-Grip Collet Chucks are ideal for twin-spindle applications eliminating drive fault situations that could be caused by collet pullback. These collet chucks are available in 42, 65 and 90mm. For more information visit

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