American Machinist Bites the Dust

Posted by CNC Reporter on Jan 29th, 2010.

Chalk up another casualty to the decline in the US economy and another hit towards manufacturing in this country. The December 2009 edition of American Machinist Magazine was its last printed edition. Although it wasn’t a big surprise since we reported Modern Applications News Magazine’s demise back in June ’09, we never expected we could fly cut the thickness of AM’s last issue with a 1/16 endmill.

Before we go spraying doom and gloom because another trade magazine is gone, consider that AM is owned by a larger publishing company, Penton Media. Penton currently offers over 150 publications ranging from agriculture to electronics. When one publication isn’t bringing in their fair share of revenue, cuts are soon to follow. Consider it more of a corporate business move rather than a statement on the health of US manufacturing. It is a sentimental shame however that AM has turned its last page after 132 years of history.

Attention American Machinist advertisers: is alive and well! (Shameless plug… absolutely tasteless)

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  1. Michael says:

    Clarification: American Machinist *magazine* is no longer being published — however the American Machinist brand is still in existence. AM is continuing its coverage of the machining industry through the website.

  2. Adam Porsborg says:

    The fact is that almost all publications, especially industry ones, will eventually be forced to move to the web and mobile devices. CNC report should make an ipad app. I’d download it like…right now.

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