Cold Air Nozzle

Posted by CNC Reporter on Nov 17th, 2009.

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Cold air cutting doesn’t require hooking up the AC to your machine. Cold air guns convert compressed air into cold air without the use of any moving parts. It’s almost magical, yet it’s simple science.

The Silvent F1 Air Nozzle is designed to deliver a significant improvement in the spot cooling technology used during dry machining. The new patent-pending design permits independent adjustment of airflow and temperature at the cutting site. Two dials at both ends of the body allow the operator to quickly set air flow and temperature. The F1 nozzle generates an exceptionally low noise level, achieving compliance with both the EU Machine Directive and OSHA safety standards. The F1 Air Nozzle has a refrigeration capacity from 0- 94 Btu/hr, air consumption from 0-17.7 scfm and a temperature reduction up to -99F (with inlet air at 70F).

The compact Silvent F1 Air Nozzle is simple to install and it easily replaces existing standard nozzles. The F1 Air Nozzle is available as a single unit on a Flexblow hose in three lengths from 16” to 24”, or as a four-nozzle Flexblow unit in three lengths from 17” to 25”. Both are supplied with a magnetic base.

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