Haas Speaks Fadal

Posted by CNC Reporter on Sep 24th, 2009.

Haas Automation has made it even easier for Fadal owners to make the switch by allowing them to bring their programs with them. The Haas control will now translate and run most Fadal-specific CNC programs – without re-posting or manual editing – right at the Haas control. The program can then be set up and run just like any Haas program.

The process is easy: Simply access the Fadal converter while loading the program into the Haas control, and follow the on-screen instructions. The converter translates the Fadal program into a Haas program in seconds – loading it into memory, ready to run. If anything in the Fadal program isn’t clearly understood, the Haas control highlights that section as a comment, allowing the user to correct any ambiguities in the program before operation. The vast majority of Fadal programs translate into the Haas control edit-free, saving hours of re-posting or manual editing, and eliminating typical errors, mistakes or typos. This provides true program portability, and speeds your transition to a new Haas machine.

If you have a ton of Fadal programs, set aside your concerns. Most of those programs will run on a new Haas CNC machine with little effort.

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