Handheld Inkjet Printer Marks its Territory with Ease

Posted by CNC Reporter on Jan 14th, 2015.

Handheld inkjet printerOk, now this is a game-changer for industrial labeling. These small but powerful Portable Inkjet Markers gives users a convenient solution to mark almost any material quickly, even on curved surfaces.

True Type fonts, as well as logos and symbols are all possible with this wireless handheld printer. The MB-EBS250 below is battery operated and cable-free. The printing unit can be programmed up to 300 feet away from the computer using Industrial Bluetooth Technology. A variety of ink colors are available. Printable Materials Include:

  • Paper (Cardboard, Chipboard, Coated Stock)
  • Wood (Boxes, Packaging Materials)
  • Construction Materials (Concrete, Stone, Drywall)
  • Metal Processing (Pipe, Sheet, Barrels, Shelving)
  • Plastics (Bags, Shrink Wrap, Styrafoam)
  • Textiles (Flooring, Bags, Banners)
  • Glass
  • Steel Pipe

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  1. Trend Marking says:

    There is another handheld inkjet available, since this EBS model does not do SMALL size printing, and so is not as applicable for marking bottles, jars etc. See; trendmarking.com.au

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