Kalamazoo Machine Tool Pulls Out a Semi-Auto

Posted by CNC Reporter on Sep 17th, 2009.

The Kalamazoo Machine Tool Model H310SA semi-automatic horizontal bandsaw allows quick and easy setup, and full-cycle semi-automatic operation. The sawing controls are simple, logical, and easy to understand. The operator places the workpiece in the machine and then pushes a single button. The vise clamps and the material size is automatically sensed by the sawframe, which lowers to make the cut at preset rate. At the end of the cut the sawframe automatically returns to clear the workpiece. The vise opens and the machine is ready for the next cut.

The Model H310SA saw features cast iron major components for solid, vibration-free production cutting, a 12-1/2 ” vise opening, bi-metal sawblade, 10” capacity, infinitely variable blade speeds, 60-360 fpm, double mitering 45 degrees left and 60 degrees right. Standard equipment includes a TEFC 3-phase 2 HP drive motor, totally enclosed worm gear transmission, full coolant system and full blade guarding.

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