Major Change at Haas

Posted by CNC Reporter on May 18th, 2012.

8100 RPMA 7500 RPM and  20 hp spindle has been synonymous Haas Automation’s VF series of Vertical Machining Centers for decades.  For 2012, Haas increased the speed and performance of the standard spindle on its wide line of 40-taper VMCs, and introduced several new optional spindles.

All Haas VF-1 through VF-12 40-taper VMCs are now equipped with a beefy 8100-rpm inline direct-drive spindle that is driven by a 30-horsepower vector drive system. The Haas inline system couples the spindle directly to the motor to reduce heat, increase power transmission, and provide excellent surface finishes. An optional 10,000-rpm inline direct-drive spindle is available for shops wanting higher spindle speeds. Both spindles yield 90 ft-lb of cutting torque.

For shops needing additional low-speed torque and wanting the flexibility of a gearbox, two optional gear-drive spindles are also available for standard Haas 40-taper VMCs. The optional spindles provide either 8100-rpm or 10,000-rpm, and feature a Haas-built, high-precision two-speed gearbox. Both geared spindles yield 250 ft-lb of torque.

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