Mastercam X4 Lathe Released

Posted by Pete Nofel on Jun 11th, 2010.

Mastercam X4 LatheCNC Software, Inc., Tolland, CT, released Mastercam X4 Lathe, a suite of CAD/CAM tools for machining jobs. Each piece of geometry created in the application is “live,” allowing modification. Other features include

• “Quick Toolpaths” for programming parts with a few clicks;
• Optimized facing including roughing and finishing;
• Complete threading with multiple starts, diameter calculation, and user customizable thread tables;
• Full 3- to 5-axis milling, including machines with B-axis tooling arms, in addition to turning;
• Grooving with multiple depth cuts and pecking;
• Simplified assignment of groove depth, width, wall angles, corner radius, chamfer, and corner dwells;
• Stock recognition for optimized turning toolpaths with minimal user interaction;
• Comprehensive lead-in/lead-out controls to minimize the need to modify the CAD model to control tool motion; and
• Steady rest option that supports long work pieces, minimizing deflection from tool pressure and material weight.

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  1. Giancarlo says:

    Good, affordable (doesn’t have to be free) 3d CAD is stieohmng I’ve looked for any been very frustrated about. Some of my pain is self inflicted since I don’t have a windows machine, Mac and Linux only. I’ve found freeCad and BRL cad not very usable. A friend of mine really likes google sketch-up. I think PTC may have a student/hobby edition for windows only. VariCAD is more affordable, but I’ve not really played with it. The really high end ones like Catia, Hyperworks, or unigraphics seem to be right-out for hobbyists.

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