Mazak Introduces First of Nexus VMC with a 50-Taper Spindle

Posted by CNC Reporter on Oct 1st, 2007.

VCN 510C/50

The new Nexus VCN 510C /50 machine built in Florence, KY, is the first of the Nexus Vertical Machine Center family with 50-taper spindle for increased metal-removal capability with higher horsepower and higher torque. The new VCN 510C/50 delivers 30 Hp, 6000 rpm, and 206 ft-lbs torque with a 1:2 fixed gear reducer standard. A 30hp, 4000 rpm, 310 ft-lbs spindle with a 1:3 fixed gear reducer is optionally available for much heavier cutting requirements.

Mazak 50 Taper Changer

The high-speed rapid-traverse rate of 1417 ipm at 0.5 G acceleration and 2.0 seconds chip-to-chip time further slashes non-cutting time in favor of increased production. The machine is equipped with a 24-tool capacity ATC for extra tool storage. A coolant through-the-spindle option is available.

The VCN 510C/50 also provides a large machining area, with X-axis travel of 41 in., Y-axis range of 20 in., and Z-axis travel of 23 in. Table size is 51 in. x 21. in. and maximum work weight is 2640 lbs. Overall machine dimensions are very compact, saving valuable floor space. The VCN-510C vertical machining center family now includes a 40-taper spindle, 40-taper high speed, 50-taper spindle, 50-taper hightorque, and a two-pallet changer system for higher-throughput operation.

With a base price less than $120,000, this attractively positioned machine offers a unique blend of rigid machining capability, quality of construction, and lower investment cost. Production has begun in Mazak’s Florence, KY, plant and is estimated to grow to 15 machines/month by the end of December 2005.

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