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Posted by CNC Reporter on Mar 1st, 2009.

MAN Digital

It looks like a magazine, turns pages like a magazine and can even be delivered to your mailbox (email inbox) like a magazine, but beginning March 2009 Modern Applications News will no longer issue their magazine in printed form.

Using technology from nxtbook media, MAN magazine will be delivering their same great content in digital form. The move is not just to save paper (not just for the environmentally conscious… imagine less clutter in shop restrooms everywhere), but will allow the magazine to open up to better content in the near future. Though you don’t see much of it now, digital magazines will allow users to experience interactive content. Want more depth from an article, just click it for more photos or details. Want to see that new machine ad come to life? Click it to watch a video. The possibilities are endless.

Here at CNC Report we absolutely love it. For years, our complaint with the machining industry has been it’s slow adaptation to new technology. It’s only appropriate that a publication like MAN spearheads the transition for publications moving to digital format only. Most publications know the change is coming. Some might be actively considering going digital. Even fewer know they must go digital to survive. But only one publication knows the facts and has the courage to embrace new technology that they believe in… Modern Applications News.

To MAN editor Pete Nofel and everyone at Nelson Publishing… CNC Report thanks you. The future of manufacturing will soon be thanking you as well.

2 Responses for “Modern Applications News goes Digital”

  1. Peter Schroth says:

    I thought is was a bad idea at the time and still do. I’m a few pages into the June 2009 issue and whish I had a hard copy to read when I had more time.

  2. Editor says:

    Good call Peter. You were right and enough of MAN’s advertisers agreed.

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