Modern Applications News is Out of Business

Posted by CNC Reporter on Jun 22nd, 2009.

Man Bust

A few months ago we covered Modern Applications News Magazine’s announcement of going to an all digital format. We believed their attitude, their boldness and their leadership in taking another step toward the new direction of 21st century publishing was the right way to go. Well, we were wrong. And we’re “MAN” enough to admit it. The June 2009 digital issue of MAN was their last. This closes the doors of over four decades of manufacturing news.

In a letter announcing MAN’s demise editor Pete Nofel wrote, “It is with deep regret that I announce to my colleagues that Modern Applications News — MAN — has ceased publication after 43 years due to the economy and drop in U.S. manufacturing. The June 2009 issue was the last issue distributed. MAN’s demise came to me as much of a surprise as I’m sure this message is a surprise to you.”

So what is the future of trade publications? We think it will go the way of’s format. Then again, we’re a little biased.

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  1. Pete Nofel says:

    Even though I was one of the first on the receiving end of the news of MAN’s demise as a magazine, it was still shocking to see the graphic about MAN “going bust.” But, life goes on.

    I’ve started a new machining blog — Milling Around — at that I hope will continue my involvement in the metalworking industry.

    It’s a lot less formal than MAN and a lot more opinionated, but I hope to make it as informative and entertaining as MAN was under my editorship.

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