New Feature: Feeds and Speeds Calculator

Posted by CNC Reporter on Jun 7th, 2009.

“Speeds and Feeds” or “Feeds and Speeds”? Either way, here at, we want to provide the best info to seasoned as well as new machinists in the industry. Now, we’re providing helpful tools to our readers as well. We’ve added a Feeds and Speeds Calculator to the site as our first of several featured tools. Just click the link at the top of any page at

2 Responses for “New Feature: Feeds and Speeds Calculator”

  1. Tim Hays says:

    Great addition to the site.

    Thank You
    still your biggest fan

  2. Steven Walters says:

    I’m currently in school For CNC programming. Just looking around on site and gathering info. I work at a factory too that use CNC equipment.

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