Private Sector – 1, Obama Policy – 0

Posted by CNC Reporter on Oct 19th, 2012.

You may have caught one of our headlines 30 months back about how President Obama’s small business plan will fail.  The $30 billion shot in the arm didn’t quite break the skin of the small business sector and time has proven that government spending through the banking sector is not the answer.  Banks tend to hold onto their money.  Can we blame them?  Isn’t that one of their primary functions?  It shouldn’t surprise anyone that someone in the private sector namely Lynn Tilton, CEO of Patriarch Partners, knew something that a whole group of elected officials didn’t.

As many of us know in the manufacturing sector, the trickle down effect of military sector spending, as opposed to the banking sector, puts money in the pockets of every company in the supply chain.  Military suppliers make real products, not paper, and a paycheck in the hands of military personnel goes to someone who earned it as opposed to sitting back and collecting government aid.  We’re weeks away from choosing a new president as well as other elected officials.  So the question is, does the track record of our current elected officials put us on the right track if they were to continue?  Sound off with your comments below.

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