Product Review: Blasocut BC 230… Does it cut it?

Posted by CNC Reporter on Dec 5th, 2007.

A couple months ago we covered a new coolant Swiss company Blaser introduced. Blasocut® BC 230 is touted by the company to allow for superior stability and long-term sump life for improved machine up-time. However, in our shop tests we found other findings worth reporting.

We replaced our coolant in a few of our test machines with the BC 230 coolant and ran them in normal shop conditions. Having swapped out the well performing Blasocut 2000 Universal for this new blend, we at least wanted to see equal or better performance to give the product a thumbs-up. What we found is a coolant that out performs anything we’ve ever used.

Despite the extremely hard water in our test area, the normal mixture provided very effective lubrication for cutting and grinding, but buried deep within the company’s product description is an easily overlooked benefit and, in our opinion, the best reason to use this product… “BC 230’s unmatchable rinse behaviors will leave parts and machines clean”. A modest claim for the number one reason to switch to this coolant. We found our parts to be easily blown off and cleaned and the irritating film of tramp oil that so easily collects on the insides of the machine are just not building up like other mixtures. Another claim we confirmed is that the coolant stays in solution longer than the 2000 Universal blend. A clean rinsing coolant that doesn’t require much maintenance or labor to clean up after it will easily save time and money.

Good lubrication, excellent stability, low maintenance requirements and universal application… This product will definitely have owners and operators smiling.

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