Shop Tip: No Cell Phones!

Posted by CNC Reporter on Apr 24th, 2012.

Safety first…  Can you hear me?  I said safety first.

Several states have already banned cell phone usage while driving.  Why would operating a piece of CNC machinery be any different?  Sure, operating a machine might become monotonous after awhile, but is that call or text message worth losing focus which might lead to broken tools, bad parts or even an injury?  We want to know… Is there a cell phone ban in your shop?  Should there be?

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2 Responses for “Shop Tip: No Cell Phones!”

  1. Hank Klimczak says:

    Yet again, we always look to protect the lowest common denominator, if you put a moron in a shop he or she will get hurt no matter what. Why punish intelegent workers (ones that have respect for the machinery and their emplyer).

  2. Kyle says:

    Well even the most experienced operators make mistakes. They may not grab the spindle and press start like the moron in the photo, but a heated call from a wife, girlfriend or school principal could make them loose concentration long after the call. An INTELLIGENT worker knows to keep their phone in their locker.

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