Shop Tip: ShamWow in the Shop

Posted by CNC Reporter on Mar 20th, 2012.

ShamWowNo, the ShamWow guy did not pay us to post this tip.  But, we’re recommending this German made towel as this week’s shop tip for several reasons:

  • Absorbent – Take wet parts out of the machine and set them on the towel.  By the end of the day, you won’t have a puddle on your bench.
  • Soft – Placing calipers on a soft surface is one of the first things you learn in trade school.  Carbide tools also like a nice landing spot too.
  • Available – You don’t have to wait for the infomercial to get their number.  Many auto part stores now carry a variety box with several sizes.
  • Better – Definitely beats any other reusable towel on the market.

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