The Clean Saws from Kalamazoo

Posted by CNC Reporter on Sep 26th, 2008.

Tired of keeping a mop and/or shop vac next to your saw? Do you feel the need to shower after cutting 100 blanks of material. Not anymore… but you should still shower regularly.

Kalamazoo Industries Model K12-14MS Manual Metallurgical Saw features an enclosed wet cutting area with dual coolant nozzles to effectively eliminate the dispersion of abrasive particles into the workplace. The saw has a 14-inch abrasive wheel, a 5 HP, 3 phase , 1725 RPM TEFC motor, dual moveable 4″ screw vises and a 24V halogen light inside the enclosure. Designed for external manual operation, the saw can cut up to 2-1/2″ diameter solids and 3″ shapes. Options include a power down feed, oscillation for large sections and door interlocks.

For a dry saw check out Kalamazoo’s Model K12-14V. This model shares similarities to the previous but has a self contained dust collector/vacuum and a 400 CFM hood.

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