Launches Weekend Podcast with host Jay Pierson

Posted by CNC Reporter on Sep 29th, 2007.

The newest addition to is our weekly podcast. In an effort to bring to light the latest news and most innovative products in the world of machining, we’ve hired one of the top innovators in the industry to host our weekly podcasts.

Jay Pierson is the founder and president of Pierson Industries in Simi Valley, California. His company’s flagship product is the Pierson Pallet Retention System, a system designed to minimize spindle downtime and maximize profits. His products have not only taken the market by storm, but have ushered in a new way of thinking in regards to productivity. In this podcast you’ll learn a little about our new host and pick up important show details. New episodes of the show are available every Sunday evening.

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  1. Joey Simiv says:

    Hey! I stumbled across your show and think it’s a great idea. I’ll spread the word as I know how interesting this will be to other guys in the industry.

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