Who is Illegal Immigration Really Hurting?

Posted by CNC Reporter on Jan 22nd, 2008.

Jay Pierson, host of The CNC Report has a vested interest in a segment recently seen on the CNN program Lou Dobbs Tonight. Interested because he has seen how the effects of illegal immigration has played out in the life of his father, Joel Pierson. After committing his business to practice the utmost of ethics, Joel Pierson played by the rules… and the rules worked against him.

“That night it looked like the hispanic version of the Tour de France”, said Jay Pierson after being asked what he originally saw that tipped his father to seek out the truth behind his competitor’s success. “I was working late one night and left our facility around midnight. On the way home I passed by the shop of one my dad’s competitors and was amazed at literally dozens of hispanics on bicycles obviously going home at the end of their shift.”

This prompted Joel Pierson to further investigate with former customers who had recently switched over to Joel’s competitor. “I found out that they undercut my pricing by more than half! I called the owner (of the competing shop) and he said that they were simply better at running an efficient operation.”

Efficient might be a stretch… Illegal would have been the better answer.

Check out the video of the Lou Dobbs story and tell us what you think in the comments section.

10 Responses for “Who is Illegal Immigration Really Hurting?”

  1. Amber R. says:

    This is sad and such a great example of how illegal immigration hurts our economy and business owners like Joel. Thanks for posting this!

  2. john says:

    yes I think that is sad but you can get blame at the illegal imigrants i dont see american people boycotting walmart because they import all there products from china. walmart just got smart they found someplace to get thing cheaper and we (americans) go out and buy it. my point is you cant blame illegals blame the politicians or move somewhere else.

  3. saranada says:

    The only illegal thing I see, is the american owner hiring slaves!

  4. Mike Hawk says:

    First of all, “saranda”, slavery is illegal. It was abolished by the 13th Ammendment of the US Constitution nearly 150 years ago. Better brush up on US history. I’ll tell you what should be illegal: letting ignorant aliens comment on our country’s laws!

  5. Joel Pierson says:

    John and Saranada, please watch the video again. I made it very clear that I don’t blame the illegal immigrants! As I said in the Lou Dobbs segment, My wife of 35 years is a first generation immigrant from El Salvador. I lived in El Salvador briefly and travel often in Mexico, Guatemala and especially Costa Rica. I understand the plight of our friends to the South. I placed the blame squarely on the federal government for not enforcing our laws as promised in the 1986 Immigration reform act. John, illegal immigration and world trade are two different issues. Immigration without permission is illegal in every country around the world. The importation of goods is legal and acceptable. I have heard your comment before (“you cant blame illegal’s blame the politicians or move somewhere else”) from others on the open borders crowd. Not a well thought out thing to say and rude to say the least! Just something you’ve been taught to say to further your agenda! Once again, I am blaming the politicians. Saranada, you are correct about spot lighting the employer that hired the illegal workers however, saying “hiring slaves” is fairly nonsensical don’t you think? Mike, thanks for sticking up for my position!

  6. SHANK says:

    Immigration needs to be dealt with now the more people argue over the subject it is wasting time that could be spent helping the united states and the immigrants who truly want the fredoms we offer

  7. Mike Hawk says:

    Hey SHANK… there’s a nice fluffy answer to the problem! Geez, why didn’t anyone think of simply “helping the united states and the immigrants”? We could have solved this problem a long time ago if you’d have spoken up earlier. I hope you took more time to think up that answer than you spent proofreading your sentence! Hop back over the border and learn some grammar and punctuation. While you’re over there, why not think of HOW to help the U.S. More importantly, think of how YOU can help this country and it’s LEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

  8. SHANK says:

    mike i mean mother, I am dearly sorry of how I misspelled a couple words. My mother is American, white, my father was however Mexican and he did beat on my mother until she finally got away from him. I he died when he was in mexico. I go to high school in utah where is was born and raised not knowing one person from my fathers side. All i was saying was we need to come together. There are hard working illigal immigrants in this country. I was like you and I hated every mexican i saw for what my father did. you need to be told this, you are a racist. and it is people like you who are not helping the cause, but is actually slowing it down.
    I am as white as a light bulb. but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about the people who try so hard in this FREE COUNTRY to be free. at least i am helping instead, like you, on my fat ass discriminating against something i know half the story

  9. Mike Hawk says:

    Whoa there SHANK. You’re assuming a lot. First, I don’t and have never hated every mexican I see, unlike you admitted you were. I have no problem with mexicans. I hate LAWBREAKERS! That goes for ILLEGAL immigrants to burglars to white collar criminals on Wall Street. They are the ones turning this great country to crap. Second, FREE COUNTRY does not mean free from LAWS! You really need to concentrate to get that through your head. It has nothing to do with race… it’s all about law and order. Without law and order, this country would look like mexico! I’ll say it again, you really need to wake up and realize that “Free Country” does not mean “Free from Laws”? Oh, and just because you can’t argue logically, stop the lame comeback of calling people racists just because they don’t support ILLEGAL immigration.

  10. Kevin says:

    I live on the border in Sourthern Arizona you think you got problems. I can’t legally get experienced, responsible people to work in our small tool and die shop for the wages I have to offer, that this industry will bare to stay competive. I have a workfourse thats 2 miles away that I can’t legally use. I have been in the process of getting an experienced Mexican National to work for us. So far It’s cost over ten thousand dollars and over 6 years time and just maybe we will have a new employee this year. You should see the line of people every day every year that can cross legally and work legally for the farming industry. Why because who else will pick vegetables at a wage below poverty level so we in the great US of A can afford to eat vegetables. Everybody get your heads out of your ******* and deal with it. Why are OTM’s ( what the border patrol and imigration calls other than Mexicans) be aloud to enter in the USA so easly, then to stay. If we are going to build a wall we better build it around the entire country and apply the laws equally across all nationalities.
    You opened a can of worms here and there is no easy answer.
    Power to the BLUE COLLAR

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