YMC430 Micro Center from Yasda Precision America

Posted by Pete Nofel on Jun 16th, 2010.

Yasda Precision America YMC 430

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The YMC430 Micro Center, from Yasda Precision America Corp., Elk Grove Village, IL, is capable of processing molds for Light Emitting Diodes LEDs. LEDs are the latest trend in backlighting technology for Liquid Crystal Displays – LCDs.

LEDs are a semiconductor-based lighting solution that overcomes the limitations of commonly employed Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps – CCFL. Where CCFLs require a high voltage power supply and are often the highest power-consuming component in large format display, LED backlight units deliver higher brightness than CCFL and better power efficiency.

The YMC430 features rigid construction and spindle stiffness. Focusing on high speed and high accuracy motion control in micro machining, the micro center’s table Y-axis is assembled on the X-axis. The lighter table unit is controlled by linear motors and linear guide ways. A solid H-shaped column unit supports the Z-axis, and a cradle-type design headstock holds the spindle unit without thermal distortion. The YMC430 performs positioning accuracy by ISO230-2 0.356µm for X-axis, 0.508µm for Y-axis and 0.316µm for Z-axis.

X, Y, and Z travel are 400 × 300 × 250mm; table size is 450 × 350mm; table loading capacity is 100kg; spindle speed is 40,000 rpm; spindle nose is HSK-E32, ATC: 32 tools and the machine masses eight tons.

To learn more visit www.yasda.com.

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